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About "The Bag Shop"

Concept and ideas:

In the year 2009 we -the spring o'6 GmbH- started with a new project: The creation of the official BREE onlineshop. The BREE company asked us to build and run a modern webshop with all neccessary features of a state of the art webshop. BREE wanted to focus only on their keybusiness "Bags and accessoires" and outsource the whole ecommerce business. We created a concept and a webshop example. Afterwards we set up the BREE webshop step by step. Webshop setup, design, features, product warehouse management, logistics, inertfaces, SEO, SEM, social networks, product photography, customer- , return- and after sales services etc.. Everything a good shop need.

The official BREE Onlineshop:

From 2009 until the end of January 2013 we run the official BREE Onlineshop with lots of fun and happy customers. Shopfeatures were extended, layout was changed and so on. We made progress and so did BREE. After outsourcing in 2009 they began to insource again, so the official BREE Onlineshop returned to BREE. Nevertheless we were permitted to sell BREE products next to other brands from this moment onwards.



The Bag Shop

Time after the official BREE Onlineshop:

Because of selling other brands next to BREE we had to change the name of the webshop so we changed it from to While creating The Bag Shop we asked ourselves who we are and what we want to be. Did we want to compete with large and established bagshops or fill a niche? We decided to sell only defined brands and defined collections and not to compete with "we sell everything" companies. We'd like you to have already chosen something when entering our webshop: Only special and chosen brands and products with style and quality. Only products we are convinced of.

Furtheron we want to give small brands and unknown designers a chance and show their products in our shop.

We are convinced of our products. Let us convince You! In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Sincerely yours team of The Bag Shop